We are the everyday heroes of VSU!★


The first quarter was the longest 10 weeks of my life.  Everything was new: college, a relationship, freedom from parents, and finals week.  I was learning so many new things (especially non-academic stuff) and really felt that i was changing/growing as a person. By Winter quarter though, all of this became kinda normal. I was use to it.  Time seemed to go by so much faster.  It was a blur.  

     A lot of internship this quarter seemed to be focused on awareness and education on social issues, history, ect.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking to major in history and asian am, so i found a lot of it interesting.  The privilege walk gave me a new perspective of things and the prop 209 debate made me rethink the way i saw affirmative action.  However, i dont feel like i grew that much.  More informed, but i didnt feel that i did much winter quarter for internship.

ON ANOTHER NOTE, i got a lot closer to the fellow intern( example: me and claudyn’s care talk),had a really great time helping out for props, and really enjoyed meeting the other interns and orgs that were a part of VSU and APC.

Spring quarter seems like it has a lot of new things to offer.  I’m both excited and a little scared.  Family head for SEA Admit, SEATED (i forget the acronym q.q), black april, and the video…..oh and being single.  Honestly i dont know what to expect from all of this, but i know I’m going to get something positive out of these things.